• Eileen O'MearaDirector of Public Health, Halton Borough Council

    "Nine schools including one Pupil Referral Unit have taken part and the feedback has been tremendous from both students and staff. The session is very informative and a great introduction to some of the techniques. Students leave the session with the tools and knowledge to continue the practices in their home and personal lives. We believe that by giving pupils the tools to enhance their emotional health and wellbeing the programme is supporting them to build their resilience and positive emotional health in the long term"

  • Year 9 students in BarnsleyOn what they took away from the Introduction to Mindfulness Group Session

    "Use the breathing and music when I feel unhappy and stressed out"

    "If I'm feeling angry I will close my eyes and breathe really gently"

    "To keep calm and breathe and think of the positive not the negative points"

  • Louise AmblerDeputy Head at The Bridge School, Halton

    “One young person told me that he uses some of the techniques at home when he is feeling angry or anxious. The Staff remind students of certain techniques if they’re taking time out too”

  • Year 9 students in BarnsleyOn what they took away from the Introduction to Mindfulness Group Session

    "Use the brain gems to look at on a morning"

    "I am going to work harder on stepping back from bad thoughts and thinking more about the positive things I have achieved"

    "Think about the present more rather than the past/worrying about the future"

  • Miriam McAuliffeECM Coordinator, Ormiston Bolingbroke Academy

    “The Mindful Me programme is fantastic and the benefits to students and staff are invaluable”

  • Bradley, Aged 14One to one Fusion Therapeutic Life Coaching Client

    "When I first met my Fusion coach I was attending school for just one hour one day per week.  Now I am in school full time.  I was nervous at first and a bit scared but now I am happy to go and look forward to it.  I practice my breathing every night before going to sleep and use it if I need to calm down.  I found the hand outs helpful, especially understanding how the brain works.  I feel like a completely different person and am going to football training now which I wasn’t before"

  • Vicki ConwayAssistant Principal at The Dearne ALC, Barnsley

    "The resources were fantastic, good mix of pupil thinking, active engagement, they absolutely loved Mindful Eating, it made them concentrate, think of their actions and what they were doing"

  • Year 9 students in HaltonOn using The Stop Systemâ„¢ taught in Fusion Group Sessions

    "When you are having an argument.  When somebody is making rude comments about you on social media"

    "I’ve got anger issues so whenever I need to calm down"

    "By thinking and not doing something immediately"

  • Mrs C BendellBarnsley Academy

    "The intervention itself helped to pupils to develop strategies to better manage stress and pressure in their lives. The sessions were calming, interesting and thought provoking. I would highly recommend this intervention to all schools"

  • Paige, Aged 14One to one Fusion Therapeutic Life Coaching Client

    "My Fusion coach taught me the STOP system.  I use it all the time when I start to get worked up.  I imagine the letters large one at a time and it clams me down"

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