How we create impact and build evidence

Supporting young people to improve their emotional health and wellbeing through a programme such as Mindful Me has the following social returns:

  • The average unit cost to the NHS of treating someone with depression is £2,026 (NPC, 2008).
  • The feeling of being in control of life is valued at £14,080 per person per year, high confidence is valued at £13,080 per year and relief from depression or anxiety is valued at £43,453 (HACT, 2014).
  • An 11% boost in results in standardised achievement tests has also been linked to school programmes that directly improve students’ social and emotional learning (PHE, 2014).
How we create impact and build evidence

There is a compelling body of evidence within the industry proving that mindfulness has a direct impact on wellbeing. See our resources page for more details.
Our Mindful Me programmes are pushing the boundaries of evidence gathering further by examining how these impacts can benefit both young people and commissioners both immediately and over time.

Here’s what we measure:
  • Mood before and after sessions.
  • Confidence to manage their mood, before and after sessions.
  • Emotional Health and Wellbeing indicators using a range of accredited scales including: Office of National Statistics Personal Wellbeing, Core 5, Core 10 and the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale (WEMWBS).
  • Additional behaviours including self harm and frequency.
  • Qualitative feedback (focus groups / questionnaires etc) on how sessions may have directly changed / improved young lives.

In Spring 2018, we will launch a Mindful Me app which will allow us to provide young people with timely notifications of techniques, connect them to local support services in real time (online and in the real world) and measure impacts at different levels of intervention against large control samples.

Working with academics, our aim is to translate these measurable impacts into actual Social Return on Investment (SROI) and therefore ‘benefits realised’ for commissioners.

Keep an eye on our News page for details about the launch.

For more information about evaluation, please contact us.

An example of our latest impacts can be viewed here.

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Mindful Me. Programme packages

Introduction to Mindfulness Programme

A fun and engaging 1 hour introduction to Mindfulness and the benefits of living in the present.

Intensive Courses

Working with one of our highly-qualified coaches, young people will learn how to raise their mood and lower stress.

Workplace Wellbeing

This coaching session helps staff to acquire the psychological tools and skills to help them manage their emotional wellbeing.