Our Story

Mindfulness is changing lives everywhere, for the better!

Mindful Me was created by Social Sense in response to the rising needs around emotional health and wellbeing identified within our surveys of young people.

The needs were first highlighted in Social Sense’s R U Different? programme, which since 2010 has been recording various risk taking behaviours across over 150,000 11-16 year olds and specifically, the perception of peer behaviours as an influencing factor on their own decision making.

Our social norms campaigns continue to achieve positive and measurable impacts in areas such as smoking, alcohol, bullying and domestic abuse. However, the rising levels of anxiety, unhealthy stress and self-harm we were recording required newer, more subtle ways to intervene both early, and throughout whole schools and communities. We knew needed to widen the strategy in order to create significant change.

The result was the creation of Mindful Me and the initial pilot of our first programme Introduction to Mindfulness’ in four Barnsley schools in Spring 2015.

During that summer, we made further improvements and was commissioned in nine Halton Schools. The success of this programme led to recommissioning in 2016/17, a successful innovation bid across 10 Salford schools and a direct purchase from schools in new areas. A project was also won and delivered in partnership with Aspire4U in the Midlands.

In late 2017, Mindful Me won two bids and launched new projects in both Salford and Kent. The Little Pot of Health fund has enabled mental health awareness training and embedding support for 60 school staff, youth workers and vcse workers of Salford. Kent Police and Crime Commissioner has funded Mindful Me to complete both direct delivery with pupils and training & embedding support with teachers.

From a sustainability perspective, the Mindful Me team fully recognise the importance of training and technology and significant developments have been achieved on both fronts.

Current and future plans include an expanded training network, a mobile app and a longitudinal study measuring changes in resilience for those who have taken part in the courses – and continue to embed the techniques within their daily lives.

We remain open to working in partnership with teams across Public Health, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Charities and Schools to tackle their own specific challenges around Emotional Health and Wellbeing. We work at all levels from mainstream to targeted, on a fully evaluated basis.

Mindful Me. Programme packages

Introduction to Mindfulness Programme

A fun and engaging 1 hour introduction to Mindfulness and the benefits of living in the present.

Intensive Courses

Working with one of our highly-qualified coaches, young people will learn how to raise their mood and lower stress.

Workplace Wellbeing

This coaching session helps staff to acquire the psychological tools and skills to help them manage their emotional wellbeing.