Intensive Courses

How we create impact and build evidence
Who is it for?

With CAMHS stretched in many areas – and traditional counselling routes still a barrier for many – there is a growing number of ‘at risk’ young people needing urgent support. Our more intensive support packages are ideal for young people have not been able to access support from CAMHS but demonstrate low levels of resilience affecting wellbeing, happiness, relationships, and academic achievement.

What is included?

Working with one of our highly-qualified practitioners, young people will learn how to raise their mood, lower stress, and use powerful brain filters to make more positive choices.

How will they benefit?

One to ones are suitable for young people who are at the higher part of level 2 or with unmet needs at low level 3. They will learn how to raise their mood which will have a positive effect on relationship issues, personal problems, worries and anxieties. This will in turn have an impact on energy, focus, behaviour, and exam results.