Introduction to Mindfulness Programme

How we create impact and build evidence
Who is it for?

A low-level, whole school, early intervention programme for pupils at level 1 or 2 of the CAMHS continuum of wellbeing scale. The Introduction to Mindfulness programme is usually a part of a drop-down day in groups of 20-25 pupils. This is ideal for years 7-9.

What is included?

A fun and engaging 1 hour introduction to Mindfulness and the benefits of living in the present. The session is packed with lots of practical exercises including a 3-minute breathing space and how to mindfully eat a Malteser!

How will they benefit?

This package includes takeaway materials for pupils, a teacher guide and ‘on the day’ feedback including mood before and after session mood assessment and self-reported changes pupils may make as a result of the session.