How we Work with Schools

The Mindful Me journey starts in year 7 with the whole year group receiving our group sessions (1 hour each). Interventions are typically run on a wellbeing or PSHE ‘drop down’ day at a time to suit your school’s timetable, with 3-4 practitioners seeing all year 7s during a morning session (based on a year group size of 150-200 pupils).

Prior to this, year 7s take part in a baseline survey to assess their emotional health and wellbeing. This short 15-20 question survey is often conducted during form time or IT lessons and includes recognised personal wellbeing questions from the Office of National Statistics.

A repeat survey is also conducted around 3 months following interventions to measure their impact and a full evaluation is provided following each survey.

Schools can also now purchase a license to the new Mindful Me app, enabling  young people to have Mindfulness tools and techniques at the end of their fingertip.

“The Mindful Me programme is fantastic and the benefits to students and staff are invaluable”

Miriam McAuliffe
ECM Coordinator, Ormiston Bolingbroke

“Great ideas to bring back to the classroom and for PSHE.”

Teacher from Ormiston Bolingbroke staff training this year
Whole School Approach

A sustainable whole school approach can be implemented further through our staff training and parent sessions. For those pupils requiring more targeted support, schools opt for our Resilience building one to one sessions.

Sustainable and Lasting Culture Change

Schools have the option to work with one of our Embedding Coaches to revisit and introduce techniques across all year groups to create a sustainable whole school approach to emotional health and wellbeing – as recommended by NICE, the DfE and PHE.

From Sept 2017, schools also have the option to buy a license for our e-learning platform which will allow access to Mindful Me resources and materials for the period of a whole academic year. This allows techniques to be revisited by school staff at key points during a child’s time at school, such as when selecting GCSE options or during exam time.

Register your interest for our e-learning platform here.

Mindful Me. Programme packages

Introduction to Mindfulness Programme

A fun and engaging 1 hour introduction to Mindfulness and the benefits of living in the present.

Intensive Courses

Working with one of our highly-qualified coaches, young people will learn how to raise their mood and lower stress.

Workplace Wellbeing

This coaching session helps staff to acquire the psychological tools and skills to help them manage their emotional wellbeing.