We understand that a cultural shift is needed around how we all think about mental health. We therefore also work closely with parents and communities to bring about this societal change. We offer targeted programmes for parents around how to take care of their child’s and their own emotional health and wellbeing. These offer parents a ‘toolbox’ of empowering tips and techniques for good mind management and aim to demystify the essentials of staying emotionally healthy and resilient. Please see our packages for more details.
Top 5 Tips for Taking Care of your Child’s Mental Health
  • Create a straightforward way of assessing your child’s stress levels such as asking them; ‘On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you feeling today?’
  • When your child becomes angry or frustrated, acknowledge their emotions and establish boundaries without also getting angry.
  • We all need time for ourselves sometimes therefore give your child space when necessary.
  • Make time for physical activity to help your child relieve any stress or anxiety.
  • Above all, remember that you are your child’s role model – love and look after yourself and they will learn to do the same.

Mindful Me. Programme packages

Introduction to Mindfulness Programme

A fun and engaging 1 hour introduction to Mindfulness and the benefits of living in the present.

Intensive Courses

Working with one of our highly-qualified coaches, young people will learn how to raise their mood and lower stress.

Workplace Wellbeing

This coaching session helps staff to acquire the psychological tools and skills to help them manage their emotional wellbeing.